Green Building

VERDE HOMES incorporates the latest sustainable and green building practices into every home we build. The primary facets of green building include:

Click here for a 30-second video on green building at Verde Homes

ENERGY EFFICIENCY -- Minimizing the energy use of a home is a cornerstone of green building.  By decreasing the amount of energy expended in the home, we can reduce the pressure on limited natural resources and decrease utility costs -- resulting in significant savings to our homebuyers.  To achieve this we:
  • Install 90%+ high-efficiency furnaces with insulated and sealed ductwork
  • Install High-efficiency water heater, appliances, and windows (U-value < 0.32, or better)
  • Use upgraded insulation with higher R-values
  • Use house wrap and seal penetrations to reduce air leakage.  Homes are certified at completion with a blower-door test to confirm higher standards
  • Install fireplace with sealed combustion and electronic ignition

HEALTHIER INDOOR AIR -- With a tighter building envelope (by reducing air leakage) the quality of the indoor air is more important than ever. To improve the air quality we:

  • Use fresh-air intake and exhaust to exchange the indoor air
  • Seal the ductwork and combustion chambers to reduce the presence of harmful exhausts
  • Test lumber for moisture content
  • Upgrade the furnace filters (often with electronic filters)
  • Use low-VOC (Volitile Organic Compound) materials


  • Minimization of site erosion to protect rivers and streams
  • Preserve existing plants and trees wherever possible
  • Use recycled/manufactured materials including fiber cement siding and composite decking
  • Water-wise landscaping with native vegetation and minimal sod
  • Recycle jobsite waste whenever possible to minimize landfill waste

RESOURCE EFFICIENCY -- This starts with designing each home to maximize the use of space and minimize little-used space. This will generally result in homes that are smaller, but just as useful.  Other measures include:

  • Tongue & groove engineered decking
  • High-efficiency vinyl windows
  • ENERGY STAR lighting package with compact florescent bulbs
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Solid surfaces (stone, tile, etc.)
  • Laminate and MDF woodwork